Andrea Doria: Are the Passenger Saved?

t is a pleasure to invite you to a private event for Pierette’s latest project, a docufilm about the Andrea Doria sea catastrophe.

November 8, 2015 at Cantoro’s


 Pierette Domenica Simpson, who survived the catastrophic Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision with her grandparents, has uncovered a cold case that vindicates Captain Piero Calamai of the Andrea Doria. Decades after her immigration, she is returning to her beloved village of Pranzalito, Italy, on a mission to expose the shocking truth surrounding the collision by producing a film based on her critically acclaimed book, Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History.

The docufilm will use vivid dramatizations of Pierette’s immigration, her nightmare on the Atlantic, and her arrival in the New World. Accompanied by interviews with maritime experts, survivors, and divers, along with astounding archival footage, the film will finally reveal the untold truth about the ill-fated Italian luxury liner and its unjustly accused captain.


Production of the film began in January of 2015. Director Luca Guardabascio of Rome has filmed numerous hours of dramatic reenactments and engaging interviews  in both Detroit and Italy.  The film is currently being edited and translated into English, while we continue to gather additional footage to elevate the film to an even higher creative endeavor. Currently, we are in the process of raising necessary funds needed to get this film across the finish line.

Please watch the 3-minute trailer below to see the quality of the production and where we are headed with this film!