Fiat Chrysler Automobiles May European car registrations: +9.0%

In May 2015, demand for new passenger cars in the EU increased for the twenty‐first consecutive month (+1.3%), totalling 1,109,893 units. However, it was the lowest percentage increase since the beginning of this period of consecutive growth.   Looking at the major markets, results were diverse: France (‐3.5%) and Germany (‐6.7%) faced a downturn, while Spain (+14.0%), Italy (+10.8%) and the UK (+2.4%) contributed positively to the overall expansion. Demand for new passenger cars was largely supported by the EU’s new member states (EU12), especially Poland (+11.0%) and the Czech Republic (+17.6%). Five months into the year, new passenger car registrations increased (+6.8%) totalling 5,805,367 units. All major markets posted growth, contributing to the overall upturn of the EU market over the period. Registrations in Spain (+21.7%), Italy (+15.2%), the UK (+5.7%), France (+3.8%) and Germany (+3.6%) increased compared to the same period one year ago.