Please be advised that there has been a change in the cost of the issuance of a passport, as dictated by the “decreto-legge 24 aprile 2014, n. 66, convertito, con modificazioni, dalla legge 23 giugno 2014, n. 89”.
Article 5-bis, comma 1 of the decree states that there will no longer be a Consular fee for the issuance of all passports beginning as of July 8th, 2014. The decree also states that there will now be an administration fee of 73,50 Euro for the issuance of an ordinary passport, in addition to the cost of the “libretto” (of 42,50 Euro).  Therefore, as of July 8th, 2014:
1. The cost for the issuance of a passport will be 116 Euro (to be paid in US dollars, varying upon the most current exchange rate.)
2. There will no longer be an annual tax fee for the use of a passport.