Made in Michigan: American Glass Mosaics

Made in Michigan: American Glass Mosaics

Made in Michigan: American Glass Mosaic


NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) –Last September, American Glass Mosaics‘ manufacturing facility in Norton Shores didn’t exist. But the company has been established and grown in nine months thanks Angel Investors in Muskegon.

“They were one of the early groups interested in providing some financing and then also providing assistance to finding other people who were also interested and like-minded in bringing manufacturing here,” said CEO Jameson Goorman.

AGM makes glass tiles for the construction industry under the brand name, Level 43 Mosaics, a name inspired by the company’s geography.

“The 43rd parallel runs through Muskegon and Norton Shores area and also runs through Northern Italy which is where Carlo and Federico are from,” said Goorman.

Carlo Pozzobon and Federico Morassutti are the Italian men who now live in West Michigan; both bring years of glass manufacturing experience to the U.S. and AGM.

Pozzobon says the manufacturing process involves trade secrets but in short, they use recycled glass, like bottles and windows, which is then crushed, melted, and shaped.

“From a clear glass we can obtain any kind of color. We use other glasses like blue, amber, green,” explains Pozzobon.

“It is not just melting glass, it is the art of coloring it, forming it, so we end up with the best glass in the world,” said Goorman.

The tiles can be used in back splashes, showers, and swimming pools. Goorman says almost all other glass mosaic tile is imported.

“There is no mass production of glass mosaics in the United States; 85 percent of it is imported from China and the rest comes from India, Mexico, and Italy.”

By being based in the U.S., the 15 employees are able fill orders for customers faster than competitors based in Asia or Europe. It’s part of the reason company owners and managers believe AGM has the potential for major growth in just a few years.