Toledo hosts 2014 Italian Business Forum

TOLEDO — Executives from more than 30 Italian companies seek deals with Northwest Ohio firms.

They’re visiting in Toledo this week for the 2014 Italian Business Forum.

The three-day business conference is a collaboration of Still Italy and Five Lakes Global with support from the Regional Growth Partnership. Scott Prephan is with Five Lakes Global.

“Many of the participants here are local businesses that we have set up to network with our Italian friends so that there can be opportunities to do business both here and in Italy,” Mr. Prephan said.

Bart Pascoli is the Project Coordinator of the Italian Trade Commission. From his office in Chicago, he helps Italian companies make business deals in the Midwest.

“One thing Italian companies need are local employees, qualified employees, and through the institutions of Northwest Ohio, those are available,” Mr. Pascoli said.

During the conference, talks will focus on US laws and regulations, tax structures, logistics and distribution, business and property insurance and banking.

On Wednesday, conference attendees will go on a tour of the Chrysler plant.