USA’s #ALFA4C in June 2014?

Italy’s Autoedizione revealed that Fiat is planning an American launch for the top-end Alfa Romeo 4C sports car in June 2014, roughly a year after the original planned launch. The car will be sold at Maserati dealers and a small number of selected Fiat “studios.”

Dealers who have been left out of the 4C are angry about it, according to Detroit News, because there were vague assurances that Fiat studios would get first crack at Alfa Romeo. However, 4C is not a mainstream car, and it’s likely that Fiat wants to draw more foot traffic to Maserati dealerships with the premium sports car; while making it clear that dealership owners will have to do more than simply set up a Fiat showroom to get the upscale Alfa Romeo franchise.

The 4C uses a 1.8 liter four-cylinder, directed injected and turbocharged for 240 horsepower; 0-62 mph comes in 4.5 seconds, American sport-V8 territory because of the car’s lightweight body. The transmission is a dual-clutch automatic with shift paddles on the steering wheel. Pricing is currently unknown but is unlikely to be lower than $55,000. (Thanks, Karl3)