IAABT event: Prospects for Mutual Growth in Italy and the USA.


Si è tenuto il 30 ottobre 2013 presso il Townsend Hotel di Birmingham (MI) l’evento “Prospects for Mutual Growth in Italy and the US”, organizzato dall’Italian American Alliance for Business and Technology (IABBT) sotto gli auspici del Console d’Italia a Detroit.
Al centro dell’evento l’annuncio di una recentissima joint venture tra l’azienda italiana EMARC Spa di Vinovo (TO) e quella statunitense Vari-Form con sede a Troy (MI), entrambe operanti nel settore dell’automotive. 


Guest Speakers Doug Viohl, director of sales & engineering at Vari-Form and Walter Passone, managing director of EMARC presented the joint venture story. 
The joint venture was formally announced on September 9, but collaboration for business growth has been under way for a number of months. 
Vari-Form is headquartered in Troy, and EMARC SpA is located at Vinovo, in the area of Torino. The new JV increases manufacturing footprints for Vari-Form in Europe and EMARC in North America. Going forward, both companies will offer locally-available advanced technologies – hydroforming, roll forming and aluminum stretch bending – for the benefit of automotive OE manufacturers and Tier suppliers worldwide. By creating infrastructure for making parts, this increased manufacturing footprint is a timely response to recent business development successes of Vari-Form.
Vari-Form, the North American participant, will establish a manufacturing presence in Europe, focusing on growing hydroforming business. EMARC, the Italian participant, will locate a manufacturing operation in North America, expanding roll forming and stretch bending business there for steel and aluminum components.